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Become an ETX Trade Sales Agent

Have what it takes to manage a local, regional or international area?

  • National Agent - manage Empire Trade Agents and business within a country;
  • Sales Agent – manage your own business signing up Empire Trade members within your local area

As a Sales Agent you will enjoy the benefits of performing a major role in a dedicated and dynamic Corporation.

Sales Agents will enjoy running their own areas as their own business, with ongoing support from Empire Trade.

Full training is conducted by highly experienced key personnel at the outset, with further assistance and support available.

If you have a good business sense, have integrity and have the ability to apply yourself, contact Empire Trade International Head Office for an interview.

For initial inquiries Head Office on or email [email protected] for more information.

Business Opportunities

Keeping in line with market trends is a key area of focus for Empire Trade. While it is not practical to embrace every good idea that comes our way, we will provide information regarding opportunities that we believe to be worthy of further investigation. At no time will Empire Trade officially recommend participation in any program or business opportunity presented here. Rather we would encourage all those who are interested to evaluate further any opportunities posted on this site, forming their own opinions as to their desired level of involvement.

DISCLAIMER: Any opportunities shared here with members are for informational purposes only. Under no circumstance should the posting of information on this site be considered an offer to sell securities or a solicitation of funds for investments, or a recommendation of participation in a business opportunity. It is understood that Empire Trade is not responsible for the performance or lack of performance of any program or business opportunity displayed on this site. Viewers are completely responsible for all decisions made. Use your own judgment and practice due diligence.