Empire Trade - for You


The Empire Trade exchange offer trade credits assistance to the broad scope of charities

In an age where every day costs like insurances and administration are spiralling and volunteers are becoming scarce, these smaller charitable groups / individuals, who lack the mechanisms or drawing power to secure funding, are crying out for assistance.

Sponsorship through the Empire Trade will enable these groups to utilise the Empire Trade dollars. This will go a long way towards helping them achieve their goals.

The forms of funding available are as follows:


Sponsorship is given to those individuals or organisations that have an ability to fulfill certain obligations in return for the support given by Empire Trade.


Predominantly it is only individuals in financial distress who can apply for a donation.


Grants are made available only to those who require funding for a once off project.

Promotional Funding:

Promotional Funding is made available to individuals and organisations that can offer exposure for Empire Trade at a public event or activity that they are organising (conditions apply).

The amount of funding made available may be paid in instalments by Empire Trade to the sponsored individual or organisation.

Read the Guidelines to Sponsorship to see if you or your group qualify for Empire Trade support.

More information is available by contacting [email protected] or calling +61 [3] 5233 1305.