Empire Trade -

Trade Concept

Exchange administers and develops a co-operative of businesses that trade amongst themselves. The use of a common currency, as a portion of every sale between members, facilitates this process. This currency is known as Empire Trade credits. One ETX Credit is equal to one unit of the currency of the country in which you are a member.

Based on the age old concept of swapping goods and services between individuals, the Empire Trade system facilitates the indirect exchange of goods and services amongst members, promoting strong business relationships and loyalty and allowing members to conserve their cash through the use of Empire Trade credits.

Exchange membership provides access to a large and varied range of businesses providing all manner of products and services, all with an Empire Trade component. You will find builders, dentists, florists, telecommunication providers, restaurants, accommodation houses, travel companies, jewellers, stationers, country clubs, electrical appliance retailers and many other businesses within our membership base. We also have an extensive property listing through our associated Real Estate members. You can buy and sell property with an Empire Trade component.

When a business joins Empire Trade, they agree to sell their goods and services at their normal price, but with an Empire Trade component in the sale price. For instance, your business may sell outdoor furniture. You are selling an outdoor setting for $800. As an Empire Trade member, you offer this setting to members for 50% trade, so the Empire Trade purchaser will pay you $400 cash and write you a trade cheque for $T400, totaling the $800 price for the setting. Now keep in mind that this is a sale the Outdoor Furniture retailer only made because of her membership in Empire Trade. It is a sale that she would have missed if not a member because Empire Trade members seek out other Empire Trade members first.

At the end of the day, or on a weekly basis, the seller will then forward all the Empire Trade cheques they have received to their country’s head office. There the cheques are processed and deposited to your Exchange account, ready for you to use.

Let’s go back to our example of the outdoor furniture retailer. She now has $T400 in her Empire Trade account, and wishes to have some tiling done in her showroom. She contacts an Empire Trade tiler to do the work. The bill is $600 and the tiler accepts 40% Empire Trade. The Outdoor Furniture retailer pays the Tiler $360 in cash and writes out an Empire Trade cheque for $T240, settling the $600 account. The Outdoor Furniture retailer has effectively conserved $240 of their cash funds for use in another area of their business. Remember, she earned this trade credit from business she would not have had, if not for her Empire Trade membership.

When the Tiler sends his cheque into Head Office, on processing, $T240 is debited to the Outdoor Furniture retailer’s account and credited to the Tiler’s account. The Outdoor Furniture retailer now has a balance of $T160 in her Empire Trade account.

To cover administrative and other costs, Empire Trade charges a 5.50% cash fee on the trade component the Outdoor Furniture retailer has spent with the Tiler. She will owe $11.88 in transaction fees. Note that there was no transaction fee incurred when the Outdoor Furniture retailer earned the $T400 from the sale of the outdoor setting. Unlike other trade exchanges, EXCHANGE only charges a transaction fee when a member spends their trade credits. There is no charge when a member earns trade credits.

Conserving cash for other expenses is just one of the many benefits of membership with the Empire Trade exchange. Free advertising, free warehouse space to promote goods and a dedicated customer support team in all areas are just some of the services we offer to ensure your ETX Trading experience is both enjoyable and beneficial to your business growth.

Out motto of “Right Price, Trade Component Negotiable” gives members peace of mind that they are not being overcharged for product or services, as Empire Trade is the third party in any trade transactions, ensuring trading guidelines are met and proper records are kept.

Finding the product or services you need is as easy as flicking through our directory of businesses, or browsing online by category or location, on our live and up to the minute website. The services we offer are second to none.

Why not find out more by contacting Empire Trade on +61 [3] 5233 1305 or by email. We are happy to brag about our excellent services at reasonable rates.