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Guidelines to Sponsorship

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Empire Trade has been well established for a number of years, and has offices throughout Australia and also in several overseas countries. Our rapid membership growth is largely due to our ability to provide an exceptional trading facility which has been formulated following considerable research into the needs of trade exchange members.

Empire Trade's philosophy of providing an efficient, fair and equitable trading facility is reflected in our desire and willingness to assist community based programs, organisations, charities, clubs, young sports people, educational programmes and other non profit community groups. We have made available Trade Credit Sponsorship support and will continue to provide assistance to many other worthy individuals and organisation in the future.

The Empire Trade system utilises a part cash, part trade concept, which is recognised by many as one of the best and most user friendly in the world. Our structure, systems and operating procedures comply with Australian regulatory requirements. Sponsorship funds are dispersed via an approved Empire Trade membership account. An Empire Trade Membership Application form must be completed by all organisations and individual who receive approval for sponsorhsip funding and a membership fee of up to $495.00 cash (inc GST) may apply. Empire Trade may also charge a cash Service fee as per the current National Trading Rules. All funding offers are made available in Trade.

We are very proud of our company and look forward to continued growth. Our philosophy of providing an efficient, fair and equitable trading facility is reflected in our willingness to assist community and sporting organisations. Through our considerable network of members those organisations granted sponsorships are able to procure almost any conceivable product ranging from everyday simple requirements through to major expense items such as building improvements.

Empire Trade members enjoy the benefit of access to the goods and services of other Empire Trade members on a part cash part trade credit basis. This of course varies according to the individual member's business policies. Our rapidly expanding membership base ensures extensive availability of services or products required, and those sponsored soon realise that a wonderful world has been opened to them.

To enjoy the full benefits of our system, it is important for sponsorship recipients to apply a little research into the wide range of goods and services available. This can be done by perusing the hard copy directory supplied with new membership kits, or checking out member businesses online via the corporate website. It is then simply a matter of contacting the member that you choose to supply the goods or services required. It is important to note that sponsorship funds are to be used for sponsorship related expenditure only. Any expenditure outside the guidelines of the sponsorship agreement will not be viewed favourably and may result in a full review of the sponsorship arrangement.

It is also important to take into account that each of our members are in business in their own right. As a recipient of sponsorship funds, all sponsored members must abide by the Rules and Regulations governing Empire Trade membership, and should not make unreasonable demands in relation to the trade component of articles or services, or related to the delivery of such articles or services. Any such action would constitute a breach of the terms and conditions of the sponsorship agreement and the relevant account will be reviewed accordingly.

Sponsored organsations may be requested to submit a proposal, along with the application form, outlining advertising exposure offered in return for Empire Trade sponsorship. Providing advertising banners and other promotional materials will be the sponsorship's responsibility. Official Empire Trade logo artwork is available on request. Sponsored organisations who do not honour their advertising and promotional arrangements may have their sponsorship cancelled, and funding withdrawn.

The sponsorship term is initially for a 12 month period however an extension may be negotiated. Sponsorship funding may be provided in incremental amounts, depending on successful spend down of previous funding. Empire Trade is happy to assist if you are having difficulty spending your trade funds however it is the responsibility of the sponsored organisation to do the necessary research to locate trading members with whom they can transact.

You can submit your Application for Sponsorship to:

Empire Trade Australia
P O Box 151
Buddina Qld 4575

Use this Checklist to ensure all the requested information is forwarded with the completed application for sponsorship form.

All applications for sponsorship are carefully considered by the Management Committee and applicants will be notified of the committee's decision. Once sponsorship has been approved, the recipient must them complete an application for membership to Empire Trade, if this form did not previously accompany the application for sponsorship.

Enquiries about Empire Trade can be directed to:

  • the Sponsorship Coordinator on +61 7 5437 7220,
  • email [email protected],
  • your closest Empire Trade agent, or
  • Empire Trade's head office on +61 [3] 5233 1305.