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Payment Methods

Pay your fees by direct debit from your bank account or credit card and benefit from a reduced monthly administration fee. Direct debit authority forms are available from the member’s login section, or from head office or your local Agent. Accounts are debited on the 15th of each month, where accumulated fees owing are $20 and above.

Members receive their invoice and statement by email or mail during the first week of each month. Once the balance owing reaches $20, payment is requested within 7 days by BPAY, cheque or credit card, if a direct debit authority has not been established.

As a convenience to our members, fees can be paid by BPAY, direct bank transfer, or online by credit card. For online payment, simply log into the member's section of the Exchange or agents of the EXCHANGE website, then select the Fee Payment option on the left of the screen. This is a secure site.

How we deal with outstanding fees

EXCHANGE takes pride in offering affordable and equitable fees and charges to its membership base. However we rely on this income to cover the administrative costs of the exchange and while we try to assist members who are behind in paying their fees, if members make no effort to meet these obligations, we will make use of our legal department to recover fees. We follow the procedure below to recover outstanding fees.

When a member's account has been in debit for more than 30 days, and the balance owing is $100 and over, an automatic recovery process is initiated. The member's Agent is advised by email and they take this opportunity to call the member with a gentle reminder that their fees are overdue.

If payment is not received within 15 days, a letter is forwarded to the member requesting payment within 14 days. The member is encouraged to call to make alternative arrangements if experiencing financial difficulty.

If the account remains unpaid after this 14 day period, a second letter is forwarded requesting payment within 14 days and advising that the account has been suspended until the outstanding fees are paid. At this stage the member can still earn trade dollars, however they cannot spend them. This letter advises that if payment is not received, the outstanding trade credits on any facility attached to their account will also be repayable in Australian dollars.

We value our members, and wish to ensure they remain with the exchange, so all members who have received a second letter are given a courtesy call by a staff member from Head Office.

The member will be offered alternatives should they be experiencing financial difficulty and every attempt is made to avoid further legal action.

Should the member be uncooperative, they are advised that if payment or further contact is not made within 14 days, the matter will be passed on to the legal department for further action. The member's Agent is notified and has the opportunity to call their member to follow up on payment.

If fees remain outstanding after this 14 day period, a third letter is forwarded to the member advising them that their account has been locked and they are to refrain from any further trading. The member is requested to pay all outstanding fees, plus any facility amount owing which is now due and payable in Australian dollars. The member is also advised to contact Head Office within 7 days to avoid legal action being taken to recover outstanding fees and costs. At this point, staff at national head office attempt to call every member who has received this third letter to discuss payment options.

Should a member's trading account be in credit, funds are transferred to a Trust Account pending payment of outstanding fees.

If this seven day period expires without payment being received, or a repayment plan being implemented, the member's account in terminated and the information is forwarded to the Debt Recovery Department for legal action to be instigated.

All our members are valued and appreciated and we will do everything within our power to avoid taking legal action against any members.