Empire Trade -

National Trading Rules

These trading terms are to be read in conjunction with the A.C.E International Trading Rules and form part of the conditions of membership of the Exchange specifically in Australia.

Fees and Charges

Trade Credits will be referred to as an A.C.E Credit or Trade dollar. The use of the $ (official designation for the Australian dollar) will be deemed to accurately represent the value in Australian dollar for the purpose of taxation and value of trade transaction. T$ represents Access Commercial dollar or A.C.E Credits. All values are in Australian dollars only. Fees and charges are non refundable. An immediate receipt number is issued when making payments.

Access Commercial Exchange and its agencies including A.C.E International) is hereafter referred to as the National Agent. These trading terms are to be read in conjunction with the A.C.E International Trading Rules and form part of the conditions of membership of the Exchange specifically in Australia. All memberships and ledger remain with the Exchange, ETX International Exchange Trust, internationally. No national agent or sub agent will hold any membership accounts.

A one off fee of $495.00 cash (GST inclusive) is payable to the National Agent ,ETX International Exchange Trust, on joining the ETX International Trade Program and must accompany the Application for Membership. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, bank transfer, or credit card.

Goods and Services Service Fee (Transaction Fee)

A cash fee equal to 5.5% ( Incl GST)of the Trade component of any purchase transaction on goods and services is payable to the National Agent for amounts upto and including T$2999, this is payable within 7 days of the completion of the transaction in whole or in part. All transactions of 3,000.00 trade dollars and above require the submission of an Intention to Trade (ITT) Agreement (see below) and payment of fees in cleared funds at least 24 hours prior to finalisation of the transaction or as directed by The Manager fees payable by credit card or direct deposit prior to the transaction.

Real Estate/Contractual Transaction Fee

A cash transaction fee equal to 5.5% 5.5% (incl GST) of the ETX International Exchange Trust component of any Real Estate or contractual transaction is payable to the National Agent.

Marketing and Promotions Fee

A monthly cash fee of $27.50 per month including GST $22.00 (incl GST) per membership account is payable to the National Agent.


Stationery Fee

A cash fee of $5.50 (incl GST) will be payable monthly to the National Agent, unless the National Agent receives notification that the member will obtain their statement of account and updated Access Commercial Membership Directory via online facilities. Provision is made for members to access this information free of charge via online computers available for member use in Access Commercial offices.

Goods and Services Facility Administration Fee

A 5.5% (incl GST GST) facility administration cash fee will be payable to the national agent for a goods and services Facility Application for $T20,000 and over. The approved facility amount will not be deposited to the member's account until cleared funds in payment of the Facility Administration Fee are received by the National Agent.

Real Estate Line of Credit

The company shall, as its discretion, consider lines of credit for all financial members with regards to their company or business. The member may request this line of credit either from 1 of 2 facilities. Click Here for more details

International Transaction Fee

An additional 1.1% (incl GST) cash fee will be payable to Administrator on the Trade dollar component of all international transactions. This fee covers costs and charges associated with an international transaction and is collected by the National Agent on behalf of the Administrator.

Incentives, Rewards and Bonuses

Access Commercial can at its discretion, issue members with ETX International Trade Dollars as incentives, rewards and bonuses from time to time. These incentives, rewards and bonuses will incur standard Service Fees.

Bad Debt Reserve Contribution

A Bad Debt Reserve contribution of forty-eight trade dollardollars ($48) per annum will be deducted from a trading member’s account to fund bad debts in Trade Credits within the Exchange.


  • Transaction amounts up to T$200.00 DO NOT require an authorisation from the National Agent. Multiple transactions between the same Seller and Buyer within a 48 hour period must be authorised if their sum total is T$200.00 or above.
  • Transaction amounts of T$200.00 or above must be authorised by the National Agent. Contact 1800 675 092 for this authorisation as payment will not be guaranteed without an authorisation number. Cheques must be mailed within 7 days to the National Agent with the authorisation number written in the space provided.
  • Completed cheques are valid for 12 months only from date of issue, provided that the buyer’s account is still current. Cheques received more than 14 days from date of issue will not be honoured if the buyer’s account is closed.
  • The Intention to Trade (ITT) form must be completed and lodged with the National Agent in advance where a single transaction is T$3,000.00 or above T$3000. Multiple transactions between the same Seller and Buyer within a 72 hour period will require the completion of an ITT form if their sum total is T$3,000.00 or above.
  • Authorisation for transactions of T$3,000.00 or above is dependent upon the ITT being approved by, and the transaction fees paid in advance to, the National Agent.
  • How to Trade

    As at 1 July 2017 members are encouraged to full trade sale of goods and services. All members are permitted to charge GST for single transactions above T$5000. Property transactions will continue to be part trade and a minimum of 20% Trade. Gold Registered members are permitted to Charge the GST in cash. Members that supply wholesale on a ongoing basis to another retail member to be resold again, can trade on a continuous trade supply being part cash and trade.

    Your online trade account operates similarly to your online regular bank facility. Access your account by selecting Members’ Login from the Access Commercial homepage on the web at http://www.accesscommercial.exchnage Transactions can be completed immediately online. The Buyer simply selects “Buy” under the “Transactions” heading, completes the requested information (both Buyer and Seller details), and notes the transaction authorisation number issued on the screen. This is your record that the transaction has taken place and guarantees transfer of the funds from the Buyer’s account to the Seller’s account. The Seller is also given this number as a record of their transaction. Online members can view their statement of account and transaction history at any time from this Members’ Login site. Computers are made available at Empire Trade offices for members to access their account details and current membership directory. This service is free of charge.

    Your Access Commercial cheque book operates in a similar way to your regular bank cheque account. Members are required to transact from members portal. Members can use their membership card , or login details in the members portal to transfer trade dollars.

    As a Buyer, simply complete your cheque slip with the required information, and exchange it for the goods or services you have purchased. Ensure you have enough funds in your Access Commercial account to cover this purchase. You will be required to pay to the National Agent an amount in cash equal to 5.0% % (incl GST) of the T$% component of the purchase of the goods or services within 7 days of the transaction.

    As of 1/12/2011 you will no longer be required to pay to the National Agent an amount in cash equal to 5.5 % (incl GST) of the T$% component of the purchase of the goods or services. Any credit funds at this date will still incur the Service Fee on purchases until these funds are used.

    As the Seller, you will need to have the transaction authorised when it is T$200.00 or above. Simply call 1800 675 092 for an authorisation number which must be included on the Buyer’s cheque slip. Confirm all the details have been completed correctly on the cheque slip before completion of the transaction. This cheque slip must be mailed or delivered to the National Agent within 7 days of the transaction. The trade credit amount is then credited to your account.

    As of 1/12/2011 you will be required to pay to the National Agent an amount in cash equal to 5.05.5 % (incl GST GST) of the T$% component of the sale of the goods or services within 7 days of the transaction.

    Trading Internationally

    Members who are travelling overseas to countries where Access Commercial is established can contact their National Head Office to request a special International Access Commercial Cheque Book. For each cheque slip issued, the member must have $200.00 in credit in their account, and a direct debit authority must be established for the automatic payment of international transaction fees, or these fees can be prepaid.

    Regardless of which country the member travels to, they simply complete each cheque slip in the currency of the country where they are purchasing, remembering to include the currency symbol, and gives the cheque to the seller, as they would in their home country.

    The Seller is responsible for obtaining any authorisation required under their National Trading Rules.

    Cheques must be forward to head office within 14 days of receipt. On the time of processing, the exchange rate is drawn from the reputable, live currency site, www.xe.com. In order to minimise the impact of fluctuations in the exchange rate, international cheques are valid for 3 months only from the date of issue. Where cheques are received after the 14 day period, any loss due to variation in the exchange rate may be carried by the seller.

    Full details of the international transaction are displayed on the member’s statement of account which can be viewed online.