Empire Trade - for Business


Ask most growing businesses what their two main priorities are and they will usually answer that they want more customers and an increased cashflow. Empire Trade offers a modern way of business trading that provides an immediate marketplace of customers, and assists to increase cashflow. By using the trade credits generated from new business to cover some of your business expenses, you also preserve your cash

Empire Trade is a community and membership based barter exchange company formed to assist small business growth. We facilitate the exchange of goods and services on a part trade credit, part cash basis, promoting strong business relationships and loyalty.

There are many businesses worldwide in our membership base providing a wide variety of choice for trading members.

Membership of Empire Trade provides a business with several advantages over the competitor who restricts their trading to the cash market.

If you would like to discuss how Empire Trade can specifically benefit you and your business, email us or call +61 [3] 5233 1305 to arrange an appointment with one of our Consultants.