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Ad Subsidy

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Empire Trade is happy to assist members with their advertising costs in return for the Empire Trade logo and URL being represented in the advertising material or medium.

Printed and Audio
An advertising subsidy up to a maximum of 25% of advertising costs for any medium, (print, TV, radio, yellow pages, magazines, newspapers, singage, brochures, business cards, etc) may be claimed by members who comply with the criteria below.

Web Pages

Members that display the Empire Trade Logo linked to www.empirexchange.com on their website may attract the following subsidy: up to $250 trade subsidy for splash page and or home page per annum. There is an additional $50 trade per page for subsequent pages that display the official Empire Trade logo.

Subsidy Guidelines

  • All visual advertisements must have the standard logo and URL www.empireXchange.com, with the words, Welcome Here, displayed. Our corporate colours are: Brown 0C, 50M, 90Y, 80K and Orange 0C, 60M, 100Y, 0K. Contact [email protected] for logo artwork, or go to image.
  • All audio advertising must clearly make mention of the fact that the advertising business is happy to accept Empire Trade.
  • The approved amount of subsidy will not be greater than an amount equal to 50% of the last 12 months trade dollar income of the member applying for the subsidy.
  • New empire members without 12 months income history will be allowed to claim maximum $500 trade subsidy provided all other criteria is met and advertising claim is within 6 months of joining.
  • The advertising subsidy will not apply to special programmes that offer other rewards, incentives or rebates.
  • The subsidy will be paid in Empire Trade Credits inclusive of GST.
  • Advertising subsidy claims must be submitted to Empire Trade Australia within 60 days of the advertisers invoice date.

Subsidy Criteria

  • An outline of the advertisement, or final copy, must be provided to Ad Subsidy Coordinator to confirm the subsidy amount prior to printing or airing. An approval number will be issued and this must be quoted on the invoice for any claims to be paid.

    After the approval number has been given, all of the following criteria must be submitted to the Subsidy Coordinator for processing.
  • A copy of the advertiser’s paid account, providing proof of the advertising costs.
  • A copy of the advertisement, i.e. dated newspaper clipping, TV commercial video, yellow pages proof etc
  • An invoice to Empire Trade Exchange International LTD , claiming calculated subsidy amount GST inclusive.

    The invoice must also include the following wording for taxation. ‘The GST inclusive price expressed in Australian dollars is payable in Empire Trade Dollars’.

Please contact Head Office, [email protected] or telephone +61 [3] 5233 1305, to discuss your Empire Trade advertising subsidy.